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A jack pike set in a bow fronted case-details on label to top left of case stating “PIKE caught Nov ’84 from “The Warren” at Chingford by Mr Armitage”-also repeated in gold writing on the case-fish approximately 5lbs-case 30” by 14” by 6”


Chub Chub mounted in bow fronted, gilt lined case with gold written “Caught by J.HOBDAY” to front left of the glass, fish approximately 4 1/2lbs or so from around 1930-case 25” by 12” by 8”  


2lb Rudd Unusual setting in a picture frame style setting with bream set in an all glass case 25" by 18" by 6". Hand written label stating "Bream 3lb 9oz Dillington Reservoir"-an inexpensive set.


W.Gibson Chub W. Gibson chub in a gilt lined bow front case 25 x 14 ½ x 6. Super early fish, fly in mouth with nylon to the top of the case with label stating “Chub 3lb 1oz Caught by J.K.Smith Esq 29th July 1886. River Thames”.


Homer bream Homer bream in a gilt lined, gold written bow front case 25 x 14 ½ x 6. A good Homer case but with a hard Perspex bow front(but very difficult to differentiate from glass in this case) and external gold writing “Bream 3lb 6oz caught by G.F.Hilton 30th July 1939”. Very nice decorative case.


Chub A J.S Cooper & Sons typical 1920s case. A gilt lined, bow fronted, case with Gold lettering to the front of the bow stating " Roach 2lb 1/2oz Caught by H.E.GRANT at Fordingbridge Oct 8th 1923". Appears in lovely original condition.